How to use:

  1. If using a mobile device or desktop, simply make sure the selection is on the “grey result” button in the middle below these instructions. (Keep your selection on the “result” button. And do NOT select the code options or the tool will become inoperable.) 

  2. You can either use the drop-down labeled “Named Colors”. Then select your base color.

  3. Or you can create a custom color by using the “Color Picker”. Once selected, drag the dot across the gradient from lighter to darker. Also slide the Color Palette range to hone in to specifics. 

  4. You can also select the Color dropper icon and then hover over an image, color guide, color swatch or document to get a precise selection as well. 
  5. Remember, you’ll need to copy and paste the “hex value”, please put this on your wholesales product order form. 

See the Pen Color Wheel James Lewis (@draber) on CodePen.